Photo Restoration


I owe a lot of direction, or artistic sense to those that have inspired me, that “have the cleaner lens” and have relied on their critical comment as a good source for direction. Its collaborating if you will! But there are sometimes I can do something humorous and it needs just that extra special touch, idea, critique to make it the best I can produce.

For instance, one day while scanning images for a future book project for Geoff Shackleford, we came across a wonderful program for the 1929 US Amateur at Pebble Beach, with a full cover painting by Maurice Lount that was rich with what seemed like every color ever invented. The cover was pretty worn, but, with Geoff’s urging, knowing I could do it, we scanned the entire cover, including end plate, I pieced it together and went and got to work. It became the header for Geoff’s provocative website for the 2010 US Open.  Bravo Maurice! (and Geoff!)

Julius & Rae Zivin (1938)


Julius & Rae Zivin (1938)


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The following was a very faded, worn and damaged photo of my dear friend Rae Zivin and her late Husband, Julius. For Rae’s 90th Birthday this year, I got to work, creating a more rose-colored background with restored color and cracks, rips and tears removed. throughout the photo, taken in 1938.